The Louder than 11 crew add to the cannon of feature-length climbing videos set in Africa.

The beauty of unique features. Screenshot from Photo by video

I AM LOVING all of the climbing films coming out of Africa, lately. I’m realizing this continent may be the new go-to place for adventure far beyond hanging off a cliff face.

There are many factors into Africa’s rise in the climbing world including the weak US dollar and the rise of sport climbing as a form of recreation in quickly developing countries.

Africa, our massive mother continent, is comprised of dozens of countries and hundreds of cultures. Not only is there a continent’s-worth of different land features to draw adventure-sports athletes, but a true travel experience will be felt, and not just by Americans.

Climbers from Kenya heading to South Africa will likely experience more culture shock than, say, a Californian traveling to British Columbia to take on the Guillotine Flake.

Experiencing culture-shock adds more to the climbing experience than simply sending a few new routes. It opens up a whole new perspective. That’s something most people could use a little more of.

Video created by Louder than 11.