If the thought of getting up on a snowboard or skis terrifies you, maybe you ought to give airboarding a shot.

The name is misleading: there is no actual board involved. Instead, airboarders use an inflatable sled made of urethane and nylon to get speed while staying close to the ground.

The underside of the airboard is lined with grooves to keep it going straight. The rider controls the airboard by steering with the side handles and shifting body weight. To stop, you lean hard into a 90 degree turn, dig your boots into the ground, or bail.

Many ski resorts now offer board rentals and trails specifically designed for airboarding, with jumps and steep slopes for those who want more of a challenge. All airboaders are required to wear a helmet and participate in an introductory lesson with an instructor before hitting the trails.

As you can see in the video below, there’s big potential for epic wipeouts:

If you discover that airboarding is your thing, you can purchase your own board from the official Airboard website. Prices range from 79-399 euros.

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