LAST WEEK, for the first time ever, I took a ride in a helicopter. It was amazing: I’ve been in airplanes before, but as a relatively tall guy, I’ve found airplane trips to be uniformly unpleasant, preferring cars, trains, and boats when possible. Helicopters, though, are something else. You can take much more time to look at your surroundings, and you can see much more, just by the nature of the aircraft.

Then I found this. Recently, advertising photographer Blair Bunting got to do a ride-along with the famous US Air Force stunt-flying team the Thunderbirds in an F-16 jet. And now it’s on my bucket list.

It looks like the experience of a lifetime, but I imagine an F-16 ride-along is infinitely more complicated and expensive than riding around in a helicopter. For the time being, though, filmmaker Jaron Schneider has put together this video of Bunting’s flight, so we can all be a little bit jealous of what we missed.

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