London, like many other cities, has been trying to become more bicycle friendly. A few years back, they started a bike share program, and they’re planning on expanding it in 2014. But there is still a long way to go before London can sit within the ranks of bike-centric places like Amsterdam, and Copenhagen; 6 people died on bicycles in London in the span of 2 weeks last November.

Some cities (like my current home, DC) have created separate bike lanes on major roads, but London is considering a crazy, awesome sky lane for commuting cyclists. The project, titled “SkyCycle,” created by Foster + Partners, Exterior Architecture, and Space Syntax, would basically create bike-only lanes above the current London rail system.

The video makes it look like something from The Jetsons or Futurama, and presumably it would be a costly project, but it already has the backing of Transport for London, and Network Rail. Here’s to hoping that London becomes the first city that can classify “aerial bikers” as a major commuter group.