Early fall saw the crew banded together and pinning it straight north.
Destination = Stikine.

The Grand Canyon of the Stikine holds some of the biggest, gnarliest whitewater on planet Earth. It is regarded as one of the most challenging overnight river trips, and lies in deep, dark northern British Columbia. After a solid 25 hours in the car, the crew arrived to the put-in blessed with perfect weather and perfect flows. We spent 3 days in the insanely beautiful canyon in which Ben Marr logged the first complete descent of the Stikine by paddling every rapid, including the never-before-run Site Zed.

There were huge rapids, sick lines, beautiful views, and most importantly good times all around. We got off the Stikine feeling blessed to have had such a great trip. To finish it off, we headed south to the BC classics. After paddling the Elk we drove to Squamish for the likes of Ashlu Box, Tatlow Creek, and Fear Canyon. BC, eh!

Shot by:

  • Evan Garcia
  • Fred Norquist
  • Eric Paker
  • Ryan Lucas
  • Matt Baker

Edited by:

  • Fred Norquist
  • Evan Garcia

Special thanks to Matt Baker!