How super-fans have perfected the art of the sport film.

ALTHOUGH I’M NOT really a spectator sports fan–I get bored and would rather be playing one instead of watching it on TV–I have a shameless love for sports films. I’ve seen Friday Night Lights at least 15 times, have chosen Glory Road on both legs of a European flight, and will always linger on TNT weekend showings of Remember the Titans. Don’t even get me started on The Cutting Edge.

When posed with the question of how my usual hockey headaches don’t afflict me when watching Miracle, my response is: “The adrenaline! The emotion!”

That is to say, why would I park myself on a sofa for hours when I can skip straight to the best moments of victory and defeat, chosen by very skilled editors (skills that also explain my inexplicable anger as the drama of stolen pea puree unfolded on Top Chef this season)?

I am not the only one that would like to cut out all the commercials, intermission shows, and ho-hum plays in typical games. ESPN SportsCenter has perfected the highlight reel, and some super-fans who own FilmCut Pro have scored and edited dramatized videos into pure art.

One of the best I found is by YouTube user simoanfield, whose editing of the Liverpool vs. AC-Milan 2005 Championships League Final gives me the same burning sensation in my tear ducts that the final scene in Rudy does.

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Feature image by Ali Brohi