Photo: Thor_Matt83 / Feature: Phil McElhinney

On Sunday, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt broke the 100 meter world record for the third time in his career. Here’s what the stats say about the world’s fastest man.

Length of Sunday’s race: 100 m.

Time: 9.58 s.

Previous record: 9.69 s.

Following wind speed: 2 mph

Fastest speed during race: 29.2 mph

Theoretical limit to human speed: 30 mph (approx.)

Cheetah’s top speed: 70 mph

World records broken by Bolt: 5

Olympic gold medals: 3

World championship gold medals: 1

Bolt’s age: 22

Spectators in attendance: 51,000

Days since Bolt last broke 100 m. record: 365

Seconds Bolt has lowered record in past 15 months: .16

Seconds record lowered in preceding 15 years: .11

Days until 200 m. final: 2

Days until Usain Bolt’s 23rd Birthday: 3

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