The bouldering/climbing community participates in the Teva Games, has a couple of their own championships (ABS, IFSC), and used to be in the X Games, but has never quite made it to the Olympics. According to a Climbing Narc post that I just read, that could change.

Climbing is one of those sports that is still working to gain international recognition, but even some within the community don’t want it to go the big games. Last year, Climbing Narc posted a poll about whether or not climbers think it’s a good idea for the sport to be in the Olympics, and the comments raise questions about the format, which style of climbing, possible steroid use, access issues if more people become attracted to climbing areas, and more.

Only one of the following sports will be chosen to be in the 2020 Olympics – climbing, karate, roller sports, softball, baseball, squash, wakeboard, and wushu. This is problematic for climbing, which is a lesser-known, less popular sport than the well-established softball, baseball, and karate.

The decision will be voted on at the International Olympic Committee meeting in Buenos Aires in 2013.

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