Jimmy Chin and his Camp 4 Collective hip us to his recent North Face expedition at Denali.

WHERE WITHIN the recesses of your spirit do you find the strength to climb the highest mountain in North America–and then ski back down?

Denali / Photo: bdearth

North Face-sponsored athlete and photographer Jimmy Chin left for this expedition shortly after our June interview with him in order to follow top-ranked freeskier Sage Cattabriga Alosa and snowboarder Lucas Debari as they summited their first big mountain to make the drop.

Jimmy and his Camp 4 Collective production company always have a recognizable point of view, capturing the humanity behind athletes who seem to be, well, superhuman.

How does the team fare after almost burning out just to get to the base? Do our extreme ingenues make it? Check out TNF’s newest 15-minute film to find out.

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