A daring dirt bike rider rips it up on precarious mountain-top ridges.

SUPER SKINNY RIDGES and big, huge balls. This GoPro toting daredevil just kills it in Colorado’s junktown like death and disfigurement is not an option. I watched this twice and my booty is still puckered!

This dude (I am expecting, perhaps naively, that it is a man behind the helmet) actually made the studded tires on his bike. Making him crafty, ballsy and more than a little crazy.

However you use your GoPro — surf, turf, air or snow — the bar raises daily. Today’s viral jaw-dropper is tomorrows old news, so don’t get too comfy my adventuresome ninjas, keep pushing the limits and keep us stoked for that next dope video.

Video created by 87mcmahan87