You’re not usually supposed to let go of the Death Swing, the clifftop rope swing installed in a secret location in Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park. Most visitors harness themselves to the rope before taking the leap.

LAST MONTH, Sydney daredevil Lucky Chance became the first person to do otherwise when he used the swing to launch into a monster, somersaulting BASE jump. The leap was caught on video, and it went online last week.

While the jump succeeded, Chance says that it didn’t go as smoothly as the video might make it seem.

“On the day of the video it was atrocious conditions, really windy,” Chance told ninemsn. “I hit the ground pretty hard and thrashed my hands and ankles.”

BASE jumping and the Death Swing are both banned in the park. We can only speculate how park officials feel about combining the two.

Community Connection

Photographer Josh Caple shot another one of Chance’s Death Swing BASE jumps. You can find the pictures on his blog.

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