A look at the making of Teton Gravity Research’s new film, Deeper.

HERE’S TO THE glorious insanity of Jeremy Jones.

Jones, a big mountain snowboarder who’s been making films for a decade and a half, is completely psycho. In his latest flick with Teton Gravity Research, Deeper, Jones gives up helicopters and snowmobiles, instead hiking and climbing up monster lines through the Rockies, the Tetons, Alaska, and the Alps.

What would possess an experienced filmmaker like Jones to pass up the convenience of “5 shots in the can before 11” for days of hiking and winter camping in some of the world’s harshest terrain? According to him, it’s all about escape.

“Over the last couple of years I’ve realized that the biggest high I get in snowboarding is getting away from everyone, into these new worlds, and hiking what I ride,” Jones told Snowboarder Guide. “There’s really this small little piece of terrain that everyone battles over, and I just wanted to get past that terrain and into the vast unknown, to get away from helicopters and get back to first descents.”

The making-of segment Deeper: Unplugged gives viewers a glimpse into the two-year creative process of getting Jones’ new film ready to go. Deeper is scheduled to launch this fall.

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