Richard Branson came up with the idea for the British Virgin Islands Kite Jam after an informal kiteboard race with Google founder Larry Page off of Branson’s private island.

FROM MARCH 1-5, Chris Burke, Kristin Boese, and seven other pro kiters will head to Necker Island for the contest, where they’ll compete in events including a race, an obstacles competition, and a freestyle jam.

Not surprisingly, the parties on schedule are much more upscale than at most comps. The jam kicks off on Monday with a party and fashion show at the Fat Virgin Cafe (branding gone horribly wrong?), and goes on with meals at the Bitter End Yacht Club and dinner and dancing.

This video promoting the jam isn’t horribly convincing. It seems less about kiting than about alcohol product placements (I counted four), pictures of Richard Branson’s unshaven mug (I counted 11), and the Caribbean “good life” in general.

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