You just have to believe.

VERY FEW TROPES bug me the way that “Miracle on Ice” does. As soon as any American athlete wins at anything, it starts popping up in the papers. When our soccer team wins, it’s the “Miracle on Grass.” When an American wins at tennis, it’s the “Miracle on Clay.” I’d like to tear it out of sportswriters’ vocabularies.

For liquid mountaineering, on the other hand, “miracle” seems appropriate. This new “sport” consists of participants in wetsuits and running shoes trying to run as far as they can across the surface of ponds.

According to, “it’s not about miracles, it’s about not thinking in a certain way…you have to believe.”

At risk of sounding like a non-believer, this seems like it could be a crafty ad for Hi-Tec, which bothers me a little bit. Not because it might be an ad, but because I already own a pair of Hi-Tec boots, and they have never helped me walk on water. Maybe there’s a switch somewhere?