A peek behind the scenes of one of the world’s most popular circuses.

IF THE BIG TOP has any cred today, it’s all thanks to Cirque du Soleil.

With its artistic direction and nutty gymnastics, the Montreal-based company has been doing wonder’s for the circus’ image. Since 1984, it’s replaced the top-hatted ringmasters and lion tamers of yesteryear with acrobatics, live music, and nuanced plots.

This behind-the-scenes clip of Cirque acrobat Oli Lemieux practicing on a trampoline wall gives an idea of the caliber of performers in Cirque du Soleil’s crew. Lemieux’s act, for the company’s record-grossing Dralion tour, is just too much.

Make sure to watch to the end: Oli’s flips get progressively sicker as the video goes on.

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Get a glimpse of what the final act looks like in the Dralion trailer, on Cirque de Soliel’s website.

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