In the 21st century, superheroes drive dual-sport motorbikes and rock GoPro helmet cams.

This guy was participating in an Amageza Rally qualifying run when he noticed something that needed his attention.

From the race website:

The Amageza run is a navigation and endurance challenge for dual-sport motor-bikes exceeding 450cc. The run is based on events such as the Dakar Rally and Baja 1000 mile, with long distance stages and navigation provided by road-books and GPS way-points.

This run is for the more advanced rider, as the terrain varies, from high-speed gravel, to deep sand, jeep track and rocky, washed-out farm roads. This run is held in the spirit of adventure, and is targeted at the rider who wants to test his abilities to the extreme in a meticulously planned event.

I think this qualifies as “spirit of adventure.” Hope he got some extra points.

* Video via Reddit. Feature photo: ToreLo

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