Josh Spector is an LA-based endurance runner, and last January he ran 135 miles in one go in Brazil. The entire feat took him 32 hours, 40 minutes, and 20 seconds, which is a solid 32 hours, 30 minutes, and 20 seconds longer than I’ve ever run at a single stretch. It’s not something I want to do myself, but luckily for me and all the other non-endurance runners out there, we live in a world where GoPro cameras exist. Josh ran with a GoPro for long portions of the race, and the result is incredible.

You can read his full account of the race on his blog. Congratulations to Josh and anyone else who can run at this length — you truly have my respect. From here on out, if you see a “26.2” bumper sticker (denoting that the driver has completed a marathon), you’re one of the few people allowed to think, “Pssh. What a wuss.”

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