The Backyard Project from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Craig Muderlak tells us he’s a cyclist and climber. What he doesn’t tell us is he’s also an artist.

This preview of a video he’s got in the works with Tim Davis, called The Backyard Project, celebrates both sports with a bit of original music that uses bikes, rocks and gear as instruments. In Craig’s words:

In this preview, I’m working on my own “project” in Boulder Canyon. The rules: pick a challenging climb near Boulder, bike to it, and “project” it. This video is not about cutting edge “projecting;” Instead, it’s about the visceral human experience of climbing, and accentuating this process and acknowledging the accomplishment by biking to it.

As always, I aim to celebrate a sense of place, the human experience, and a passion for art and adventure in this video.

He loads up his gear. He sketches out his project. He bikes to the zone. He climbs and falls. He strums the spokes of a bike wheel like a harp. He puts it all together and makes a pretty badass video.

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