Photos and stoke from a backcountry ski trip at the Asulkan and Wheeler cabins in Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, British Columbia.

THE TEAM was to be six of us from Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, New Zealand, and BC, but because of snow storms in Denver that closed down the airport, we lost one. The remaining five met up in the parking lot at the pass, each with our designated communal food to carry in.

Our first hut was the Wheeler, a 20-minute ski in, which we did in the dark. This set us up for an early start the next day: skiing up the Asulkan drainage to the Asulkan hut, about a 4-hour ski in when the trail is already broken in.

We stayed at the Asulkan for three nights and toured in the high alpine from there. The hut is set up with a stove for heat and cooking and sleeping mattresses for 12. We were super lucky with the snow and the weather; we had both beautiful powder, and a chance to get up high without freezing or being blown away by wind. For hut booking and more info, visit the Alpine Club of Canada.


Lines in the snow

"Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads." ~ Author unknown


Going up

Skins, originally made from seal skin, are removable, strips of nylon that stick to the underside of the ski and allow the ski to glide forwards, but not backwards.


On the way to Jupiter Peak

Skinning up to Jupiter; a 9000 foot peak above the Asulkan Glacier.


Jupiter Peak

With clear skies we had our sights set on high objectives and we were not let down. Jupiter Peak is in the background.


Pow turns

"A person should have wings to carry them where their dreams go, but sometimes a pair of skis is a good substitute." ~ Hans Gmoser.


The Asulkan Cabin (7000 ft)

Blue bird days, full moon nights, and good conversations in the alpine.


Avalanche safety

Traveling in the mountains does require proper safety gear and training. Avalanches and glaciers are real hazards in the area and, as beautiful as it is, good decision making is mandatory.



The Seven Steps of Paradise is as its name suggests. 1000 feet of benched pitches right down to the Asulkan hut.


Valley view

"The mountains help to reawaken forgotten dreams." ~ Gaston Rebuffat




Youngs Peak

Youngs Peak, in Glacier National Park, is a 15 km return ski from the Trans Canada Highway, up the Asulkan Valley, and should be saved for a day with good views.


The decent from Saphire Col



Carving telemark turns near the "tree triangle."


The Asulkan Valley