YESTERDAY, Rio de Janeiro hosted the international premiere of Messi, Alex de la Iglesia’s latest movie about the life of the Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi.

The film mixes documentary and fiction, featuring interviews of soccer legends and Lío’s friends and family, as well as dramatizing the most important moments of his life. Messi was made mostly in Rosario, where the “crack” lived the first years of his life and where he learned to play soccer, and in Barcelona, where he’s built his career as an international superstar, often considered the best player in the game today.

Messi has won FIFA’s Golden Boot four times, but he still has to carry on his shoulders the weight of being perpetually compared to Diego Armando Maradona, who Argentines adore and consider the best soccer player of all time. Messi is the story of a kid who had serious health issues (he was diagnosed with a lack of growth hormone) and who always had a big dream: to play on the Argentine national soccer team.

He’s achieved that dream, and then some. All genius, sacrifice, and humility.