A reminder, as Tyler Durden would put it, that on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

THERE IS A difficult-to-attribute quote, allegedly from a base jumper, that participants in the sport start with two jars. One of luck and one of experience. At the outset, the luck jar is full and the experience jar is empty. With every successful jump in the early days, some of the luck jar is spent and some of the experience jar fills a little.

One day, when your luck jar is empty, you better pray that the experience jar is full enough to carry you.

That’s what came to mind seeing the Cape Town newspapers on the stand this morning. Jeb Corliss – of squirrel-suited, base-jumping fame – is in a Cape hospital after clipping the edge of a cliff on Table mountain during an attempt to jump from it.

Despite fractures of his tibia, fibula and multiple toes, indications are that he is alive and well enough that he will base jump another day. Luck jar a little emptier, experience jar a little more full. His sense of humour jar, however, appears to have remained absolutely unchanged.

Read the local South African reports of the accident here.