It warms my Chicagoan heart to see Midwestern skiers repping as hard as Jibulant Productions does. The group of amateur filmmakers from Indiana turns out some of the sickest freeski videos around, mixing homegrown talent with an eye for the money shots.

Last month, Jibulant got one of their biggest breaks so far when their latest feature, “Let’s Dance”, popped up at the Midwest Ski Film Festival in Milwaukee, after winning a contest at

Jibulant Productions “Lets Dance” Teaser from Chris Todd on Vimeo.

“We got a really awesome response from the viewers,” says Chris Todd, who films and edits Jibulant’s productions. “I was actually surprised how many good comments we got, and praise by some pretty legit guys.”

If the eye-popping aerials and rail slides in the trailer are any indication, the film deserves all that praise and more. If this is amateur, you wonder what we’re paying the pros for.

“Let’s Dance” is scheduled to be released online next week.

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Check out Jibulant’s work on Vimeo.