Here at Matador Sports, we spend hours every week looking for the best new sports videos on the net so we can share them with our readers. These are our crew’s picks for the sickest sports media sites on the web.
Newschoolers – Freeski

Courtesy of Newschoolers

It’s been a while since I strapped on a pair of boards, so I have to get my ski kicks vicariously. Newschoolers is by far the best site I’ve found for that. Besides being a news hub and social network for freeskiers, Newschoolers has a pretty hefty video section full of powder runs, halfpipe jams, and mini-flicks by indie filmmakers. Most videos are downloadable, some in high-quality versions.

See more videos from Newschoolers in Sick Freeski, Straight From the Midwest and ‘Superunknown’ Niklas Ericsson Tears it Up.

–Adam Roy, Sports Editor

Korduroy TV – Surfing

All Yew- Sea Serpent pt.2 from on Vimeo.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Korduroy TV, whose mission is to “spread digital aloha” with DIY surfing videos. I did a short on How to Surf Tarp this summer that used one of their videos. Their videos are really professional and quirky, and of course focus on board sports.

–Benita Hussain, Intern

Flotrack – Track and Field

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Flotrack is doing a series of videos on visitng Ethiopia to run and meet Haile Gebrselassie, the world famous long distance runner. This video is just a few minutes of highlights of the trip, but they have a blog about it and more videos to come.

The website has lots of other videos and interviews with runners in addition to this series.

Morgan Leahy deBoer – Intern

Community Connection

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