THE STATE OF MICHOACAN, MEXICO has always seemed to have a bad rap. Even back when I first traveled there in 2001, people said to watch out for banditos, and indeed when I first arrived in the tiny village of La Ticla, there was a military truck full of Federales apparently as some kind of deterrent. Anyway, while the pacific coast there has long been explored by surfers, the inland areas are largely untouched as far as exploration by paddlers. Even right there at La Ticla was a beautiful canyon upstream that I wondered about. Had anyone ever paddled it?

Next week, Red Bull will be dropping Michoacan: First Descent, which follows a crew led by Dane Jackson and Rafa Ortiz that finally explores the area. They definitely still play up the inseguridad as a hook (as did I in the title of this post), but what I’m stoked on is just getting a chance to see some of these rivers for the first time.

Feature image via Redbull.

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