For some people, running a 26.2-mile race will never be worth it.

FOR OTHERS, ANY course will do. These seven scenic marathon routes are for everyone in between.


Athens Marathon

This race follows the route of the original marathon, which traces the route of the fabled Pheidippides who ran this route in 490 BC. Runners finish in the Panathinaiko Stadium. Image by throughnothing


Marine Corps Marathon

The largest marathon in the world that does not offer monetary prizes, this course takes runners past some of the most historic landmarks in Washington D.C. Image by Drew Saunders


Great Wall Marathon

This marathon atop the Great Wall of China snakes its way over green hils with thousands of stairs. Image by triplefivechina


Kielder Marathon

Called the most beautiful marathon in Britain, this course hugs the Kielder's waters, passing through or by the woods for most of the way. Image by Dougie Nisbet


The Arctic Race

Norway's Midnight Sun Marathon takes place at night, but in full sun. Runners from over 50 countries have participated in this nighttime race. Image by Jasmine Cheng


Big Sur International Marathon

The coastal road that this marathon covers is famous for its cliffs, rocks, and views of the Pacific. A great way to enjoy the scenery without burning any gas. Image by John Lee


North Pole Marathon

The world's "coolest" marathon takes some of the most elite runners in the world across snow and ice in the most northern race route in existence. Image by Mike King