As October ends, people across the mountain states are gearing up for powder season. Cody Forest Doucette shoots a tribute to his home state of Idaho’s mountains and the people who ski them.

Sunrise at Horstman Peak

The Sickle Couloir, visible dropping from the notch just to the left of the peak, is one of the longest and steepest couloirs in North America, dropping nearly 1200 feet with a average pitch of close to 50 degrees and a crux that approaches 60.



Reggie Crist is a former Olympian and X Games champion, an Alaskan guide who grew up in Idaho and still calls the place home. For reasons I've never understood, he started inviting me along for his early morning missions into the backcountry. I'm still learning from him to this day, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Tree skiing

In 2007 the Castle Rock fire burned the entire backside of my home mountain. Reggie Crist was married on the day the fire started, and had to evacuate his house the next day. His house survived, and six months later a stable snow pack had turned what had once been a tight maze of trees and deadfall into some of the best tree skiing we had ever seen.


Down the middle

Reggie carves through the middle of a local powder field.



Reggie Crist, about halfway down.


Worth it

An early morning hike pays off for Kyl Samway.


Williams Peak

Zach Crist makes his living traveling, skiing, and guiding all over the world, but he is happiest when in his home mountains. Here, he shows the kids how it's done on the doorstep of Williams Peak.



Zach Crist looks back about halfway up.



Zach bleeding speed and enjoying the glide in his backyard.


Take a break

The backcountry 'up north' has always been my playground in the winter, since my early days of building jumps next to the road. Here, Danny Gariepy takes a breather on the hike back up and thinks about what to throw next.


Liquid powder

Doug Ellsley carving liquid powder on a mountain lake close to home.


Shredding a line

Matt Leidecker is a local legend; he and his brother Erik are unrivaled in their knowledge of the Sawtooths. Here, Matt shreds a line a long way from a lift, or a road.


Redfish Lake

A late fall storm rolls in over Redfish Lake as another winter begins in Idaho.