Megan Eileen McDonough photographs the first World Snowboarding Championships since 1999.

THE COMPETITION was broken up into three separate events: Slopesytle, Halfpipe, and Quarterpipe, the last of which only men competed in.

Iouri Podladtchikov (Switzerland) and Kelly Clark (USA) won the Halfpipe runs, while Chas Guldemond (USA) and Spencer O’Brien (Canada) were the top Slopestyle boarders. Winning the highly anticipated Quarterpipe event was Olivier Gittler from France.

The prize for Best Trick was awarded to Kim Rune Hansen, and Terje Håkonsen took Highest Air. Both boarders represented Norway in the competitions.


The highly anticipated Men's Quarterpipe

The sun begins to set just before the Men's Quarterpipe competition begins.


A chance encounter with the Prime Minister

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says a friendly hello to his fellow snowboarding enthusiasts (I'm on the far right).


Hoping to land on two feet

The Men's Quarterpipe is known as a dangerous event, and many boarders do not complete the five rounds without a fall or rough landing.


Trying to beat the World Record

The crowd was hoping to see the jump height record broken by one of the finalists, but no new record was set this year.


Smooth riding

A smooth ride before preparing for the Quarterpipe jump at the end of the slope


Preparing for the Women's Halfpipe

The crowd waits in anticipation for the Women's Halfpipe competition to begin.


Flying high

In the first of three rounds, the women aim for height and difficulty in their jumps.


Beating your score

As visibility begins to weaken, the women still aim to beat last round's scores.


Patriotic fans cheer on the women

Young fans show their support with a Norwegian flag.


Walk of fame

After each run, the women pose for pictures before preparing for the next round.


Shooting for a safe landing

Checking position in mid-air, preparing for a solid landing.


Last chance

Making the most of the third and final run of the competition


The interview

Followed by an eager cameraman, each finalist heads toward the media for a quick interview.


The winners are announced

Kelly Clark from the US takes home first place in the Halfpipe.

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