NINE OUT OF TEN England Premier League games will take place this weekend, its opening weekend, in the wake of the recent rioting in London. Set to take place in Tottenham, where rioting, looting and arson started on Saturday, the Hotspur vs. Everton match has been postponed until further notice. Earlier in the week, England cancelled England vs. Holland and Ghana vs. Nigeria, both friendly matches.

In a statement on the Premier Leagues website, they explained that “there is no reason to believe that matches outside of London will be affected,” but concern about the safety of players and fans still forced them to hold off on the Tottenham game.

Fans are upset. In an interview with BBC Sport, Bernie Ecclestone, worried that canceling the games might send a negative message about England, which is bad news for a country that is hosting an upcoming Olympics.

I may be wrong, but I think the cancellation of a soccer game or two will not affect the way the world is looking at London this week.

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