This fall’s ski film from Teton Gravity Research literally adds a new dimension to traditional powder flicks.

WITH WARREN MILLER now more or less banned from making movies for the foreseeable future, it’s nice to know that there are some ski filmmakers around who are still keeping it interesting. Of that group, Teton Gravity Research has to be one of the most exciting.

TGR has been making ski, snowboard and surf films for well over a decade, and it’s still pushing the limits of the genre further with awesome action sequences and innovative photography. This year, the company is touring with Light The Wick, its first ski film shot partially in 3D. The 3D footage is limited to the last ten minutes of the movie, and features Sammy Carlson tearing it up at Stevens Pass in Washington.

The film premiered last month, and includes HD footage of descents from across Canada, Alaska, Italy, and Croatia. The slopes in the trailer look so steep, I’d be afraid to climb up them, let alone ski down.

Light The Wick is available both on DVD and Blu-ray; the last ten minutes are formatted in cyan-and-red Analglyphic 3D, so they’re playable on normal TV sets.

Feature Image: Teton Gravity Research

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It’s not in 3D, but Teton Gravity Research’s other film this fall, Deeper, is equally sick, and definitely worth a look.