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More than just another adventure sport, the Spartan Race Series is a fun, challenging event that requires resilience, strength, stamina, and the ability to laugh.

JOE DESENA, creator of the Death Race, is introducing an event for the rest of us called the Spartan Race. Whereas the Death Race takes 24 hours and has been called Survivor meets Jackass, the Spartan Race bills itself as a fun, two-mile course that most people could run.

“Joe’s desire is to stage a worldwide series of events cast in the same metal as Death Race, but in a scale that’s achievable for a lot of people,” said Brian Duncanson, the Spartan Race series’ director, in a press release. “The courses are designed to provide some challenge, but everyone can get through them and have a great time while doing so.”

Set to debut May 16, 2010, in Burlington, Vermont, the Spartan Race includes obstacles like a mud pit, scramble net, tunnel crawl, wall climb, spear throw, water wading, and fire jumping. “May will be our first event of this format, so we’re looking forward to executing a successful event and testing the formula before we head to the big markets,” Duncanson said.

Entry is $50 per person. All participants receive a t-shirt and medal, and the top overall finisher of each race will get the opportunity to participate in the next Death Race.

Additional races in 2010 will take place in Montreal, Toronto, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Cambridge, and Norwich, with more locations planned for 2011.

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Do you have the physical and mental ability to complete the Spartan Race? You can find out more and sign up on their website.