If you’re looking for a new water sport to challenge you, try stand-up paddle surfing. Feeling extra bold? Try it in a hurricane.

ALTHOUGH SUP SURFING has been around since the 60s, only recently has it become a popular sport. Stand-up builds on balance skills and technique to allow surfers to catch waves early while using a paddle to manipulate turns.

Today, SUP surfers come to competitions likeHennessey’s International Championships and the annual Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge sponsored by C4 Waterman to compete and show off their skills.

Then there are bold characters like Garett McNamara, the award-winning surfer who was the the first person to surf the giant waves created by calving glaciers in Alaska. He’s now taking stand-up paddle to new extremes by attempting hurricane swells. Beginners, we suggest starting elsewhere.

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Learn more about the sport in Stand-Up Paddling: A brief History of C4 Waterman.