Hurricane Irene brought the biggest swell of the summer (so far) to the Atlantic, stoking East Coast surfers. Even though New Jersey Governor Chris Christie demanded people “Get the hell off the beach” these folks got out and got waves.

IRENE’S SWELL WAS A SOLID six to eight feet in many parts of Florida and even bigger in North Carolina and points further north, such as the Jersey Shore and New York’s Long Island.

Please enjoy these pics, but note that they’re used with permission from the photographers and should not be reproduced.


Palm Beach, Florida

August 26, Palm Beach Florida, looking super fun. Photo: Zenon Toczek


Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach, South Carolina, local photographer, Dustin K. Ryan, shot surfers on August 26th / Photo: Dustin K. Ryan


East Hampton, New York

Zack Dayton carving. Georgica Beach, East Hampton, New York on August 25. Photo: Nic Alegre


Virginia Beach, Virginia

It's not really the size of the wave but where on the wave you can get to on it. Jarrett Williams in Virginia Beach mini-barrel on August 28th. Photo: Eddie Williams


Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Photo: Amanda Carta


Virginia Beach, Virginia

August 26, Virginia Beach, Virginia / Photo: Jason McNulty


Manasquan, New Jersey

Doesn't look easy to get out here. Duckdiving some full on barrels August 28th, Manasquan, New Jersey. Photo: Trish Brown Photography


Asbury Park, New Jersey

August 27, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Nice open sections. Photo: hpaich


Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

August 27, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina looking somewhat blown out, but still fun. Photo by Louis Shackleton

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