Surfing is the state sport of Hawaii, and now, at least in Hawaii, it’s officially a high school sport.

From ESPN: In what seems like a “finally” type of decision, surfing is now an official high school sport in Hawaii, or at least it will be by the spring of 2013. This makes it the first state in the US to do so. The lack of cash had prevented the decision from being made sooner, but with private and community donations, they can now afford it without taking money away from any other sports or activities.

“I think this is really exciting that surfing is going to be a part of schools’ sports programs,” said Moore, who became the first woman from Hawaii to win a world championship in surfing since Margo Oberg in 1984. “Surfing has been a really big part of my life and has taught me a lot of valuable lessons: what hard work and perseverance can do, time management and how to stay organized.”

Surfing plays an important role in Hawaii’s culture and history. From “History of Surfing in Hawaii“: “The history of surfing in Hawaii tells of chants to the Gods to make big waves for surfing and chants to give courage to the men who rode these waves.” With the arrival of missionaries, the sport was nearly wiped out, but it was revived in the early 1900s.

In honor of the decision to make it an official high school sport, here’s a clip from Pipeline.

Hawaii Surf PIPELINE from Mikael Norrman on Vimeo.

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