Bob & Sink: The Trial and Error of Ryan Burch from on Vimeo.

Ryan Burch has been leading a new generation of surfer/shapers for a few years now. Perhaps never before in surfing history has a surfer evolved from a conformist framework to so fully explore the entire spectrum of wave riding design and performance.

Starring Ryan Burch
Directed by Cyrus Sutton
Edit: Chris Olivas
Camera: James Campbell, Jack Chellemi, Ryan Lovelace, Jack Coleman & Erik Derman
Still Photos: Rob Keaton
Music: Rootbeer Sparkel, Allah-las & The Non


I FIRST NOTICED RYAN BURCH a few years ago after seeing footage of him riding basically a flat finless “plate” and having some of the most effortless, freest, most artful maneuvers I’ve ever seen anyone pull on any craft, any realm, be it snowboard, kayak, surfboard, skateboard. (Note: Feature image taken from this footage). It was as if he’d completely broken free from 99% of the lines and limitations anybody else saw.

Today, director Cyrus Sutton and Korduroy TV published this great profile of Ryan, who has since been pushing the progression of shaping and surfing all kinds of unique board shapes like nobody else. Take a few minutes to get inspired on Ryan’s story.