The build-up to the world’s most extreme race begins this month.

There’s still eight months before the next World BASE Race in the village of Innfjorden, Norway, but organizer WBR Media has already released this sweet promo trailer for the event.

The World BASE Race is a wingsuit race founded in 2008 with the aim of making BASE jumping a more viable professional and spectator sport. Jumpers compete for a 3,000-euro prize, racing two at a time along a 750-meter course across a fjord.

All three editions of the World BASE Race so far have been won by Norwegians jumpers though one American, Shane McConkey, came close to winning it in 2008, and Croatian Robert Pecnic has placed in the top three for two years running.

Last year, 35 jumpers participated in the competition; other festivities included a demonstration by the Norwegian national paragliding team, a ten-way formation jump, and a live band.

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