Quiksilver provides a homage to the newest location in the ASP World Tour circuit.

NEW YORK HAS BEEN on our minds lately: to present outdoor adventures found within miles of the City, discussing yoga at the Brooklyn Museum and in our recent Q&A with urban hiking and beer appreciator Ben Keene.

Additionally, the Association for Surfing Professionals took notice of the waves at Long Beach, 30 miles east of Manhattan, as worthy of the ASP’s world championship circuit, joining the ranks of legendary spots like Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, and Trestles, California. To promote the ASP’s selection of Long Beach as a stop, Quiksilver, who is sponsoring the September event, put together the below video.

Although conspicuously missing Rockaway, the main surf spot within New York City’s limits, the video is a cute promotional reel, highlighting both Long Beach’s native darling Balaram Stack and waves that many have known about for years (and many, as shown in the video, who haven’t).

Feature image: Coney Island, New York / By: senhormario