I’VE SEEN SOME ghastly photos of Sochi’s Olympic preparedness (or lack thereof) circulating the internet, containing run-down hotel rooms, dodgy toilets, and wifi modems dangling from circuit boards, but nothing has offended me so much as the US Winter Olympic team uniforms.

Even the US State Department thinks these costumes could do some serious emotional damage: they’ve issued a warning discouraging athletes from wearing this, and other team gear, outside of the Olympic arenas. As if the Sochi Olympics aren’t already riddled with bomb threats from terrorists, and inhumane living conditions, now people can’t even wear their own clothing safely.


While I’m happy the uniforms were actually manufactured within the United States (as opposed to the 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms, which were manufactured mainly in China), Ralph Lauren seriously couldn’t come up with a better design than something Bill Cosby would have worn on the Fourth of July? It’ll be interesting to see how many “Ugly Olympic Sweater” parties, and cheesy photographs, arise from this design travesty.