WHEN I STOPPED skateboarding in the early ’90s, they were still searching for Animal Chin (have they found him yet?), and the kickflip was a relatively new trick. I watched Bones Brigade: An Autobiography not too long ago and was stoked to see my favourite skaters still ripping. It gives me hope that, at 37, I can perhaps take it up again (a new skatepark is being built where I live — good incentive?).

But seeing the above video of Bob Burnquist absolutely blows my mind. The progression of the sport is astronomical — I’m pretty sure what he’s doing defies the laws of physics. One day I will get back on the board, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will not involve a helicopter.

You don’t have to be a skateboarder to appreciate this. This is evidence of a vision — which I’m sure many would have said was impossible — being realized. This is inspiration.