This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the One Hit Wonder Down Under before, and there’s a good reason for that: I’m really psyched about it. The competition is all about riders busting out their biggest single tricks, which is a great format if your attention span is as microscopic as mine. It’s all videotaped too, so those of us who are stuck boiling in the US summer can live vicariously through our brethren in the Southern Hemisphere.

Out of the videotaped auditions I’ve seen, these are my two favorites. Riders who want a shot at qualifying have until this Friday to upload their submissions.

I’m a skier, so I tend to gravitate towards skiers. My favorite by far has been this video of Brian Kish pulling off an I-don’t-know-what and barely sticking the landing.

There’s actually surprisingly little stoke going on with the snowboard auditions this year, with too many people submitting footage of probably-technical but definitely-boring spins. One of the bright spots so far has been Clint Allan, who did this stylish trick on nice-looking powder.

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