“Simply asking for money is something we’ve never done and frankly something we feel is the least interesting thing we can do. We’re asking our community to be a part of the solution, to join the movement, not to blindly make a donation.” – Warm Current cofounder John Koenig

Warm Current, a non-profit that works with underserved communities through kids surfing programs and charitable donations of recycled wetsuits and surfboards, has launched a fundraising campaign today called The Faces of Warm Current. The idea for Warm Current started in 2008, when two surfers noticed the disparity between themselves and the and other surfers in the local communities, especially with the youth. Two years later, they were able to start the 501(c)3 non-profit.

Besides donating wetsuits and surfboards, Warm Current also runs local kids surf camps in the Pacific Northwest. From June 27th and July 31st, you can participate in The Faces of Warm Current fundraising campaign by purchasing a square for $5 containing a message or photo that will then be added to a mosaic on the side of their surf camp trailer. The donations will go towards growing their youth programs, and helping them to purchase more surfboards, wetsuits, and a trailer. You can get your square through The Faces of Warm Current website.

The Faces of Warm Current from Warm Current on Vimeo.

* Feature photo: mikebaird