The Olympics are over, but if you’ve found yourself filled with athletic fervor and have decided to add “win an Olympic Medal” to the bucket list, your best bet is probably curling. Not only does it regularly involve drinking during gameplay, but it’s one of the least physically demanding sports of the Olympic events. This isn’t to say it’s easy: it does require a good amount of skill, as it’s basically shuffleboard on ice, but it doesn’t require insane 10,000 calorie diets like that of Michael Phelps, or impossibly difficult training schedules. On top of this, there does not appear to be an age limit: the oldest ever winter Olympian was a curler.

Personally, I’ve never been that impressed with curling until I saw this awesome video, narrated by David Attenborough to be like a nature show. Then I thought: chilling out on the ice with a bunch of my friends, drinking and pushing rocks around? Yeah, I can think of worse ways to spend my time. Pyeongchang 2018, here I come.