FISHING ISN’T TOO SPECTACULARLY DIFFICULT an endeavor. If you’re doing it recreationally, you just bait the line, pick a good place to cast it, and then wait…possibly while sipping an ice cold beer. And if you’re a commercial fisherman, you can just trawl the sea’s depths with nets. It is rarely — except maybe in the case of The Deadliest Catch — an endeavor associated with tremendous skill and badassery.

Enter Kevin and Pauro, who took this video while harpooning for mahi-mahi, also known as dorado or the common dolphinfish (not the mammal dolphin, by the way — dorado are not an endangered or even at-risk species).

It looks incredibly difficult. They aim their harpoon from a moving boat on relatively choppy seas, and also have to factor in the refraction of the light through the water. It’s truly impressive. Hats off to anyone who can fish like this.

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