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Drug Laws

As a community of travelers worldwide, Matador finds both US drug laws and international drug policies to be an important part of our ongoing conversation.

Of particular interest is the US “war on drugs” and its socio-political repercussions across the Americas.

Drug Laws Articles

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by Tim Wenger

Coming soon to Colorado: Hunter Thompson’s private weed strain

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This man pledges to mail pot seeds to any Canadian who wants to grow. Here’s why

by Cathy Brown

Oregon legalized pot last month. It’s already making a huge difference.

by Matt Hershberger

This new drug has amazing side effects. Try it before it becomes illegal

by Ailsa Ross

How Zurich solved its heroin crisis and what the US can learn from it

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Four American families are fighting back against Mexican drug cartels, and taking down this well-known British establishment in the process.

by Emma Thieme

Here’s how to exercise your rights at any US checkpoint

by Emma Thieme

Two years later, Uruguay still has no legal marijuana for sale

by Will Carless

Colombia to legalize medical marijuana

by Simeon Tegel
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