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World Events

Every so often an event occurs of such importance that it reshapes the social, cultural, and sometimes physical landscape for travelers, locals, and everyone else.

A couple recent examples from the past months include the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese Tsunami.

Whenever possible, when world changing events occur, Matador will attempt to get a unique perspective from community members on the ground.

Photo: Ricardo Hurtubia

The 18 craziest travel stories of 2018

An elephant, trapped in mud for three days, was saved by rescue teams

Toronto’s “Yukon Striker” will be the longest, fastest, and highest roller coaster of its type

A new section of the Berlin Wall was just found

Paris’ new open-air urinals stain the city’s good looks

Tourists vying for the best selfie spot start a fight at Rome’s Trevi Fountain

British woman detained indefinitely in Dubai for drinking on her flight

Volcano erupts at Chilean ski resort, and skiers just keep skiing

British Airways employee fired for having a man bun

This airport offers kitten cuddles to anxious travelers

This weekend’s meteor shower will be the brightest of the year

Two animals killed in devastating hail storm at Colorado zoo

The youngest person to visit every country is giving away his air miles

Catcalling and street harassment are now illegal in France

The Eiffel Tower is closed due to a strike

Jewel thieves escape on motorboat with Swedish treasures

Deadly earthquake in Indonesia has already claimed 16 lives

Abu Dhabi’s $1-billion Warner Bros. theme park just opened

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