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Photo: Ricardo Hurtubia

[Daily dispatch] Pakistan’s new women-only cab service

[Daily dispatch] finally, flight upgrades for nice people

[Daily dispatch] massive 3,000-year-old statue discovered in Cairo

The EU just got harder for Americans to visit. Here’s why this EU citizen thinks it’s a good thing.

[Daily Dispatch] In 2018, 2 tourists will get to see the dark side of the Moon

[Daily Dispatch] Traffic tacos and the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant

[Daily dispatch] remember Bill Nye the Science Guy?

[Daily dispatch] Could Obama be the next president of France?

[Daily dispatch] $65 European airfares are coming to the US

[Daily dispatch] women are stepping up around the world

[Daily dispatch] 100 degrees in Oklahoma

[Daily dispatch] when did the Panama land bridge show up?

[Daily dispatch] happy Carnaval Rio!

[Daily dispatch] world’s largest outdoor gear show protests Utah

[Daily dispatch] a day without immigrants

[Daily dispatch] #freebirthcontrol until the end of February

[Daily dispatch] no more plastic in Delhi

[Daily dispatch] go count some birds.

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