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More of a visual learner than a reader? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

This literary map of the United Kingdom is a book nerd’s perfect travel itinerary

These US cities have the worst cases of bed bugs

This map shows the surprising college education of every world leader

This is how much food $100 will buy you across the world

This map shows the literal translation of Chinese characters for US state names

This infographic reveals what your UK accent says about you

This map tracks the travels of an American trucker over four years

This bracket determined which World Cup contender is the best travel destination

This map shows the top-selling car model in every country

This map of the London Underground shows the average price of rent at every stop

The average rent price in New York is extreme. See for yourself.

This map of the global population will make you rethink what you knew about the world

This is what each US state imports the most from abroad

This map shows how many Switzerlands fit into Brazil

This map of Italy’s famous pasta dishes is mouthwatering

How every country in the world responds to a sneeze

How pilots use the seatbelt sign to send secret messages to the crew

This is the best city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, according to science

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