Though comedy is said to have originated in the US with Lenny Bruce, it’s a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a condensation of and a comment on culture.

All over the world, rooms are opening up and people are getting onstage telling it from their points of view. Expat communities are starting English-language events in non-English speaking countries, and comedy scenes sprouting up in all kinds of languages all over the world.

Comedians are some of the most well-traveled people in the world and the English-language circuit has tentacles in every populated continent. Below, find articles about the culture of comedy.

Comedy Articles

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7 habits you pick up traveling that get you in trouble back home in Canada

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6 things every man should know by 30

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4 lies guidebooks will tell you about Wyoming

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The world’s worst wipeouts are cringeworthy and binge worthy

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Watch Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell turn their epic African vacation into a music video

by Colin Heinrich

Watch this dude shred the NYC blizzard right through Times Square

by Colin Heinrich

9 underground comedy shows to check out in NYC before they go mainstream

by Nikki Vargas

3 dating moments that still keep me up at night

by Colin Heinrich
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