Consciousness is a term defined differently by different people, but in general it describes the relationship between the mind and the world it perceives. Common usages include a sense of awareness of one’s surroundings, a sense of self, and a sense that one can feel emotions.

At Matador we’ve published a number of essays and articles about consciousness, both in the context of travel affecting consciousness, as well as how consciousness is viewed, described, or treated in other cultures around the world.

Consciousness Articles

Magic mushrooms: A first-timer’s guide

by Janine Yu

How to be a better global citizen in 2017

by Matt Hershberger

Stop waiting to be picked, choose yourself

by Dave Weatherall

“Don’t ask me where I’m from. Ask where I’m a local.”

by Dayana Aleksandrova

A traveler’s guide to talking to someone you totally disagree with

by Matt Hershberger

In the era of Tinder, “Ask for Angela” could become your new safe word

by Debbie Gonzalez Canada

12 ways travel helps us live our fullest lives

by Paige Smith

14 things I stopped giving a sh*t about in my late 20’s

by Scott Summers

Don’t relax on vacation

by Lauren Van Horn

10 spots that remind us how beautiful Caracas really is

by Adriana Herrera

Watch a revered Mexican singer come out of retirement just to support “La Hillary”

by Debbie Gonzalez Canada

10 things I stopped giving a sh*t about as a female traveler

by Kita Roberts

9 things I stopped giving a sh*t about after I turned 50

by Tam Warner Minton

Here’s what this woman learned after living a year without the internet

by Emma Thieme

The struggle to define my identity: Growing up biracial

by Joleen Brantle

How a year of travel completely broke (and rebuilt) me

by Elaina Giolando

A love letter to New Mexico

by Jim O'Donnell

10 things I stopped giving a sh*t about in my 20s

by Nicolle White
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