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Marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, magic mushrooms, peyote, LSD, MDMA, DMT–there’s no shortage of syllables or acronyms for the long list of drugs humans have been consuming since we discovered how to put things in our mouths. And when it comes to this subject of varying taboo levels around the world, the effects and firsthand experiences are as intriguing as the cultures that gave birth to their use.

In the content below you can find several roundups of different mind-altering substances, firsthand experiences, and discussions on non-policy related drug issues. So long as we continue to explore beyond the normal boundaries of existence, we’ll continue to dig beneath the surface of this ever-evolving subject.

Drugs Articles

Bob Marley’s son is converting a California prison into a marijuana farm

by Cathy Brown

I spent a season trimming weed in Humbolt County. This is what it was like.

by Sera Higgs

The story ‘Narcos’ doesn’t tell: The most dangerous drug cartel city is now the most innovative

by Blaze Nowara

How tourism is helping small-scale Colombian farmers affected by the war rebuild their lives

by Troy Young

My home state is trying to be the first to formally treat opiate addiction with medical marijuana. Here’s why that’s important

by Emma Thieme

Some drug cartels now make more money from gold than cocaine

by Carolyn Beeler

This Colorado weed club will give you free pot. This is all they ask for in return

by Cathy Brown

This man pledges to mail pot seeds to any Canadian who wants to grow. Here’s why

by Cathy Brown

On blacking out in Peru

by Suzanne Roberts

5 powerfully medicinal plants along the Inca Trail

by Lauren Williams

This new drug has amazing side effects. Try it before it becomes illegal

by Ailsa Ross

Four American families are fighting back against Mexican drug cartels, and taking down this well-known British establishment in the process.

by Emma Thieme

Why politicians everywhere should take a lesson from Vancouver’s drug treatment program

by The Plaid Zebra

For me, ayahuasca was as good as therapy. Here’s what the science says

by Nathan Thompson

This infographic tells you everything you need to know about marijuana law in the US

by Alice Latham

Want to get high abroad? There’s a travel guide for you

by Corinne Purtill

Meet Peru’s ‘Tony Montana,’ the man accused of fueling Europe’s messy coke habit

by Simeon Tegel

The pope is open to trying cocaine’s key ingredient in Bolivia

by Simeon Tegel
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