Matador is always scouting out memes and news and photos, and analyzing the latest trends in travel and pop culture, for, invariably, a few laughs.

From ridiculous exploits in travel, music, food service, and other industries, to bizarre moments that occur at the intersections of two different cultures, irony and humor return us back to ground level.

Photo: Risto Kuulasmaa

Man Runs 2 Miles in Flippers and Scuba Mask

9 things you get addicted to bartending

A truck spilled its cargo of Fireball Whiskey all over the highway

Corgi Con is San Francisco’s fluffiest beach party

All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet closes in two weeks after diners eat too much

Big Ben is under construction until 2021, and tourists aren’t happy

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8 reasons why everyone should bartend in their life

A raccoon climbed a 25-story building in St. Paul, captivating the city

Relive your childhood on this inflatable Island in the Philippines

My toilet tour of Europe

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