Practiced by over 2 billion people in hundreds of different iterations that reflect local culture, history, and tradition, Christianity is the world’s largest religion.

Travelers encounter the faith in the great cathedrals of Europe and Latin America, among the ethnic minority hill tribes of Burma, and at the monolithic cave churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Through our coverage, Matador attempts to address the issues of how Christianity has influenced our world, and how it continues to influence us on our travels.

Christianity Articles

Infographic: 12 Christmas traditions from around the world

by Katie Scott Aiton

17 incredible images of Holy Week in Latin America

by Rulo Luna

Why I’m scared of Semana Santa

by Ana Bulnes

Pope Francis doesn’t want you to give up food or drinks for Lent. He wants you to give up this instead.

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9 things Americans stop caring about around Christmas Time

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Exploring the rock churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

by Darren Ornitz

To Byzantium and back: An exploration of Eastern Orthodoxy in Ukraine

by Jeffrey Ball

How will Christians and Muslims coexist in the new Egypt?

by Ellen Freeman

Holy Week in the Holy Land

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler

What’s going on in this Cuban church?

by Carlo Alcos

Christmas traditions around the world

by Richard Stupart

The keepers of the lost Ark of the Covenant

by eric warren

Jesus Goes Down in Flames

by Christine Garvin

Procession of the “Sant Enterrament”~ Tarragona, Spain

by Joshywashington

Will Practicing Buddhism Make You Self-Centered?

by Christine Garvin
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